California Pizza Kitchen’s “Under 600 calorie” menu



   CPK’s stuffed poblano pepper is great tasting, but you can’t order it without access to CPK’s “Under 600 calorie” Menu.

CPK’s “Under 600 calorie” menu is not posted on their website, nor is it listed under CPK’s “nutritional information”- probably because the Los Angeles area CPK we visited this week is a test location. Furthermore, the Under 600 calorie menu offerings change from time to time.

CPK’s “Under 600 calorie” menu offers food items under 600 calories each.  Physically, the menu is a smaller-sized menu given to guests by the hostess along with the general menu.

Order from CPK’s “Under 600 calorie” menu and you will be served an example of portion control at it’s finest — and isn’t that what low-calorie consumption is all about … portion limits? We wish that every restaurant would provide guests with a menu offering meals under 600 calories each!

CPK’s poblano pepper from the Under 600calorie menu is lightly filled with tiny pieces of diced chicken – it is not battered or fried – and has a zesty red sauce throughout that gives it a kick. You won’t be stuffed after eating this single serving, but after all, it IS under 600 calories!

    Out of over 50 salad variations available on CPK’s regular menu, just TWO full-sized versions are less than 600 calories each:

  • Roasted vegetable full size salad at 597 calories
  • Full size classic Caesar salad with 505 calories

According to the nutritional information listed on CPK’s website, in addition to the two full-sized salads mentioned above, the following are  under 300 calories.

  • Half wedge salad (278 cals.)
  • Half Caesar (300 cals.)
  • Half roasted veg. salad and 1/2 Caesar salad
  • Side salad
  • Szechuan slaw
  • Asparagus and Arugula Salad (189 cals.)
  • Cups of soup such as barley, tortilla, artichoke and broccoli
   Baja Fish Tacos 

Baja fish tacos on the regular CPK menu are a decent choice, with a shocking calorie count of 922! Additionally, any spring roll will do, but order just ONE spring roll to keep your calorie count UNDER 300!

As with most restaurant menus, stick primarily with appetizers to keep portions (and calories) low. At CPK, try appetizers such as Korean BBQ steak tacos, White Corn Guacamole and Chips or the Mediterranean Plate for low-cal yums.

    Calorie details drive home one major point about dining out; Order food that will force you to pay the calorie demon his fare or choose your food carefully so that you will be able to look yourself in the face the next morning when you greet the mirror!

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