How to Use a Bosch Temperature Probe in a Bosch Oven & How to Cook a Turkey or Roast Beef With a Bosch Oven Temperature Probe



     BOSCH WALL OVENS can be a challenge to use.  The steps needed to complete a task are not what you would expect sequentially and generally require an extra step you would not normally anticipate.  You are not alone in finding a Bosch oven perplexing at times.

HERE IS how to use a Bosch temperature probe in a wall oven:

   Cook a whole turkey (or a turkey breast), roast beef, and other meats using a Bosch oven temperature probe.

  1. Select the “Convection Roast” cooking mode on your Bosch oven
  2. Plug the temperature probe into the wall plug inside the oven
  3. Place an uncooked turkey or roast beef in a large roasting pan and center it on the lowest oven rack – -  do not cover the turkey or beef with anything, not even foil [per the Bosch convection oven manual]
  4.   It is a good idea to set the turkey or beef on a roasting rack placed in the roasting pan so that the bottom of the meat being cooked will not become soggy. Add 2 cans of chicken broth (for turkey) and beef broth (for roast beef) to the pan before placing the meat in the oven [regardless of using a rack or not] as this will help keep the meat moist and may provide gravy drippings
  5. The “Convection Roast” setting allows hot air to flow around the bird or roast, cooking it to perfection
  6. The “Convection Roast” method  cuts cooking time down by about 25%, so plan preparation of side dishes accordingly.

  7. DO COVER leg bones of a turkey with foil where they are joined together if you are cooking a large turkey, and keep an eye on wing tips, covering them with foil when they get too brown. Additionally, place a loose piece of foil over the entire bird or roast if it begins to look too brown (although this is unlikely to occur.)
  8. Push “Temperature” button once and set oven temperature to recommended temp. (Butterball recommends 325° for roasting a turkey.
  9. Next, push “Temperature” button twice and set the desired internal temperature of the meat product you are cooking. For a whole turkey, cook to an internal temp of 170 to 180° – SO, SET THE temperature probe to read 175° – Cook beef according to your preference or check out “Estimating Cooking Time for Large Beef Roasts” and look for other great beef-cooking tips HERE.
  10. Insert the probe into the deepest part of the breast or beef, so that it may rest without touching any bone
  11. The digital oven display will show what the probe temperature reading is of the meat being cooked. If you are putting refrigerated meat in the oven, the temperature probe reading will be around 35° when you place meat in the oven and first insert the probe
  12. As turkey or beef cooks, the probe will display the ever-increasing temperature of the roasting meat on the front of the digital oven
  13. No need to set the timer on the oven because you have already told the oven when to stop cooking based on the probe’s reading
  14. The oven will beep when the probe has reached the temperature you set it at.
  15. Use an oven mitt to remove the probe because it becomes very hot during the cooking process!
  16. Remove meat and let it cool for 15 min. or more before slicing. Serve and enjoy.
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  1. Kevin says:

    In cooking a turkey, does it matter whether the bird is stuffed or not? We usually stuff the turkey.


    Kevin Dickey

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