Couscous: Favorite Add-Ins Make Couscous Delicious




 Plain Couscous

Families get bored with typical pasta such as spaghetti, penne, and ravioli. Try serving up super-easy to prepare couscous instead.  Add-ins make couscous delicious.

Although couscous is tasty, it can also be bland.  Add-ins are an ideal way to add fresh ingredients tailored to your menu to freshly prepared couscous.  

But first, ditch prepackaged couscous that comes in a box.  Those spice packets contain a lot of salt and some have MSG in them.  

Secondly, select your couscous.  There are two types of couscous:

Couscous is typically defined as “Mediterranean pasta.” There are two kinds of commonly available couscous.

  • Smaller-sized couscous with pasta bits about the size of a pin-head (before preparing)
  • Larger-sized pearl couscousPearl couscous, such as OSEM brand Israeli Pearl Couscous, is a nice toasted pasta with surface shapes that pick up sauces, reductions, and herbs.

    Pearl-style couscous

 Favorite Add-Ins to Make Couscous Delicious

1.       Add chicken broth, sliced scallions and zest from a lime, orange or lemon to add citrus-tinged flavor to couscous while cooking.  Pouring 2 TB lime or lemon juice into prepared couscous also works well. 

2. Top prepared couscous with goat cheese and olive oil.

3.     Add fresh, diced tomatoes or just-warmed cherry tomatoes and caramelized onions to couscous.

4. Toss blanched veggies and Greek salad dressing into couscous.

5. Blend with flat leaf parsley and currants before serving.

6.      Stir in a little olive oil and sprinkle with garlic powder and Parmesan cheese when couscous is done cooking.

We also like this website with many couscous recipes.  Translate it from native French in your browser.

Nutritional Info. Plain OSEM pearl couscous per 1/3 c. prepared serving: Calories 180, total fat0.5g, cholesterol 0mg, carbs 40g, fiber 2g, sugar 6g, protein 6g.

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    I like falafel too — so do my kids. Thanks for info, I'll try it out.

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